Elior Group has asked Hyssop Consulting to create and open the website (hereinafter the « site ») for the personal information of Internet users who use it on personal data protection topics (or called RGPD). Connection and access to the site imply full and unreserved acceptance by the Internet user of these general terms and conditions of use (hereinafter the «GTC»).

All these provisions are binding on Internet users who must consult these GTC (general terms and conditions) each time they connect.

Publication / Director of publication

Elior Participations, a limited partnership with share capital of €5,309,530, whose registered office is located at 9-11, allée de l'Arche, 92032 Paris La Défense Cedex, France, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under the unique identification number 380 543 678 RCS NANTERRE - Tel: 01 71 06 70 00.

Director of Publication: Philippe Guillemot, Chief Executive Officer of Elior Group

Editorial Director: Benoit Cornu, Communications Director of Elior Group

Hosting service provider

Hegyd registered under number 500 942 966 RCS ANGERS (Registered office: 9 rue James Watt - 49070 Beaucouzé).

Conception and realization

Hysope Conseil (B501 184 808 RCS NANTERRE) Sandgate Productions (518 938 188 RCS NANTERRE), and Hegyd (500 942 966 RCS ANGERS).

at the request and under the direction of Elior Group.

Protection of personal data

The Internet user is informed that the personal data collected as part of the contact forms are only for the use of RGPD ambassadors or the Group team, who are employed by Elior Group (408 168 003 RCS NANTERRE), hereinafter « Elior Group »).

Elior Group ensures the respect of privacy and the security of the information collected through the site. Consequently, the information communicated by the Internet user is not entrusted to third parties and is intended for the exclusive use of RGPD ambassadors.

When the Internet user browses the pages of the site, the following data may be collected (it being understood that the information contained in the list below covers all forms, questionnaires and personalised services associated with the site):

Name, first name, title/function, postal code, company in respect of which the form is filled in or employer company or brand, email address, subject of the message, content of the message, civility, email address, city, country, name of the employer site, telephone (personal or professional, fixed or mobile), customer status or not of any of the Group companies, market or entity of the Group companies in which the Internet user is associated, information provided in the body of the message.

The collected data are only used to process the requests submitted by the user and the answers to be provided.

The data collected through the site are exclusively intended for RGPD ambassadors (hereinafter the «Recipient »).

This data is kept for the time strictly necessary to process the request and provide the most appropriate response possible to the request made by the Internet user.

Some of the information requested in the online forms is mandatory (and is marked as such). In the absence of any entry or incorrect entry, the information is not sent to the Recipient and is therefore not taken into account.

In accordance with the regulations in force, the persons whose data are collected have the following rights:

- Right of information and access: right to obtain information concerning the processing of personal data concerning them and a copy of such personal data

- Right to limit processing: any person may request that the processing of his or her personal data be limited only to what is strictly necessary

- Right of verification and rectification: any person may request the modification of his personal data when they are inaccurate or incomplete

- Right to erase: it is possible to request the erasure of personal data within the limits and under the conditions of the regulations in force

- Right of opposition: the data subjects may object to the processing of their personal data within the limits and under the conditions of the regulations in force;

- Right to withdraw consent: in the event of the processing of personal data requiring the data subject's consent, the latter has the right to withdraw this consent at any time, subject to the regulations in force.

· Right to data portability : where applicable, this refers to the right of the data subjects to request that the personal data they have provided be returned to them or, where technically possible, to transfer them directly to a third party. The rights listed above can be exercised by contacting For any information on the protection of personal data, you can consult the website of the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties:


A cookie is a small data file sent by the site's web server to the browser's cookies folder on your device's hard drive.

We use two types of cookies on the site:

·       Session cookies, which allow the user to navigate in an optimal way on a safe, user-friendly and efficient site and which only serve to ensure the proper functioning of the site, these cookies include media and video cookies (e. g. YouTube) making navigation on the site more dynamic, these cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted when the user leaves the site, these cookies do not collect information from the user's computer or from the user's activity while on the site

·       Permanent cookies, which make it possible to study the behaviour of Internet users over a certain period of time and carry out statistical analyses, statistical analyses carried out by Elior Group using the data contained in the cookies are carried out globally and not individually per individual (anonymous visit statistics), analyses are carried out via Google Analytics and concern the following data: number of connections, permanent cookies do not allow the recipients of the data collected to report back to individuals via this method

We do not currently set up any third-party cookies on the site, i.e. cookies that use advertisements or banners for third-party products or services on the site.

The data collected through cookies are stored by Elior Group for a period of thirteen (13) months. They are not transferred to third parties or used for any other purpose.

When accessing the site, the user is offered the option of refusing cookies and statistical analysis of his or her browsing data. Any Internet user may also object to the recording of cookies and delete them using their browser settings, however, the user's user experience may be degraded. Any Internet user can also delete cookies at any time and individually by referring to the user manual of his computer.

Creating a link to

The site authorises the setting up of a hypertext link to its content, subject to the following points:

·       Prohibition of any use of the deep link (framing), therefore, no element appearing on a page of the site may be partially or totally distributed, transferred or inserted on another website, nor used to create derivative products.

·       Obligation to mention the source of the content concerned.

Intellectual property rights


The site constitutes an intellectual creation of which one or more companies of the Group is / are the author within the meaning of articles L. 111.1 and following of the Code of the intellectual property or of any other national or international legislation.

All the elements available on the site, including in particular photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animated sequences with or without sound, as well as all intellectual creations integrated into the site, are the property of Elior Participations, or of one or more other Group companies or third parties having authorized one or more Group companies to use them. Consequently, the reproduction and representation rights of all the elements presented on the site are strictly reserved and subject to the prior and express authorization of Elior Participations and/or the Group company concerned.

Any reproduction, representation, use, adaptation or modification, by any means whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever, of all or part of the site, without having obtained the express authorisation of Elior Participations and/or the Group company concerned, is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement of copyright.

Trademark rights

The company names, trademarks and distinctive signs reproduced on the site are protected under trademark law.

As such, the names Elior, Elior Group and associated logos are some of the trademarks registered by Elior Group.

The reproduction, representation, use, adaptation or modification of these trademarks without the prior authorization of Elior Participations and/or the Group Company concerned is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement of copyright.


The items listed on the site are given as an indication and are not contractual in nature.

Elior Group and Elior Participations cannot be held responsible:

·       For any imprecision, inaccuracy or omission relating to information indicated on the site, except where the mention of such information is required by law,

·       For any possible damage, direct and/or indirect, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequences, caused by access to the site or the impossibility of accessing it,

·       For any damage, direct and/or indirect, suffered on the equipment, loss of data, and/or financial loss that could result from the connection or use of the information collected on the site.


Elior Participations reserves the right to modify, correct or delete the content of the site and / or these Terms and conditions at any time, without notice, it being specified that the modification and updating of the Terms of Use is required as soon as they are posted online. 

Compliance with regulations and ethics

The site is operated by Elior Participations, whose head office is in France, and these GTC are subject to French law.

Internet users connecting to the site from countries other than France must ensure compliance with the laws applicable to these countries.

Any dispute relating to the interpretation, application and/or execution of these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Paris Commercial Court.

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