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As a person concerned by the processing of personal data, you have rights allowing you to keep control of this information, in particular:

- To access your personal data;
- To request its rectification / update;
- To request its deletion;
- To request the limitation of the processing of personal data;
- To oppose the processing of personal data.

Depending on your request, we may ask you for proof of your identity. We are committed to processing your request within one month.

From the start of a new project, it is your responsibility to take into account the problem of the protection of personal data, and to ensure that the privacy of the persons concerned is respected.

The sooner an incident is reported, the sooner the appropriate authorities can contain it. When it concerns personal data, the Group has 72 hours to report it to the authorities. A data violation may correspond to:

-A breach of confidentiality, i.e. a data leak (example: loss of USB key containing client files);
-A breach of integrity, i.e. an unanticipated modification (e.g., unwanted modification of the database which automatically indicates to the authorities the attribute of a function vehicle);
- A breach of availability, i.e. a data destruction (example: malware encrypting a database).

For any questions regarding the measures implemented to ensure the protection of personal data.